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Strongbee History

STRONGBEE was founded by Farah Shanti Suraputra and Co-Founded by Ira Guntur in 2018 to tackle the lack of access and credible information on fitness facilities. The company launched the STRONGBEE application in 2019 as an accessible fitness application that connects people to various professionals (trainers, nutritionists, and therapists) and sports facilities without charging extra cash for membership.

Strongbee Services

With more than 1000 classes to choose from, STRONGBEE provides access to everything fitness, sports, and wellness: from yoga, to soccer, to triathlon events. We enable more people to try and engage in sports activities through multiple booking options: one-time booking or long-term subscriptions, multiple payment options, and types of classes: online, offline, private, and group.

Strongbee Goals

STRONGBEE helps the audience to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle in an easy and accessible way. We aim to promote the physical and emotional benefits of sports and wellness to the world through an innovative digital platform for fitness, sports, and wellness providers and users.